Southern Exposure: Petra

Petra. It's all a bit blase, don't you think?

siq. makes the city easy to defend. neat-o, huh?

the mildly famous treasury.

riding through the desert on a [donkey] with no name.

prime real estate.

sand bottle making.

expensive sand.

after hiking to the monastery. perhaps you can't tell, but we're standing terrifyingly close to the edge here. and about to fall right into israel.

disorienting view. these mountains allow for very little depth perception.

this looks pretty much like the treasury, but much harder to get to.


1 comment:

j said...

That donkey has a name! That's Winston!
I like the mosaic; the M.E. would thrive in ways unimaginable if they could just bring those old 1-breasted toga styles back to town!
Beautiful photos! I can almost smell the expensive sand! ;)