Oh my Allah!

Today, my host sister took Meighan and me out swimming at “Total Fitness.” Oh my Allah, I saw Muslim women in bikinis! For the low price of 7JD ($9.80), I got to swim, sit in a hot tub, and roast in a sauna. All in all, it was a pleasant experience, and thank you very much, I did enjoy my stay at “Total Fitness.”

The following are pictures from a post Iftar dinner (Ramadan post to come soon- once I stop stuffing my face with food and actually bother to take a picture at dinner). On this night for dinner there was: Muna (mom), Fayez (dad), Suha (aunt), Waseem (brother), Shareef (brother), Sareen (sister), Philli (maid), Meighan (roommate), Lulu (me), Lulu (cousin), Dana (cousin), Josh (host cousin), Kyle (host cousin), Rawan (cousin), Jamal (uncle), Rami (cousin), Yazin (cousin), Hannah (aunt), Hamad (neighbor).
Anyways, every time I bring up my camera it turns into a ridiculous photo shoot. So have at it!

Lulu, DunDun, Mimi

With the best Ramadan dessert- Qateyef (MSA), or Atayef (Jordanian accent), or Gateyef (Palestinian farmer)
My host cousins from the program. They are as angelic as this picture makes them look.

True Love.
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