This past weekend brought us on a modest exhibition to the dead sea. What with all the stinging, skin-burning salt, it didn't exactly make for a relaxing dip. But hey, it's pretty close to Jesus's old stomping grounds, so we can't complain too much.

israel or palestine? you decide.

look! we're waving at you! how is is possible???

the suckers who paid three dinar for mud.

the non-sucker who stole some guy's mud.


Crustily Yours...


get yo' hijaab on

Sometimes we and our friends get the urge, quite naturally, to, well, get our hijaab on. Cultural insensitivity aside, I think it's a barrel of monkeys for everybody involved.

Oh, and I'd like to take this opportunity to say I told you so to my father, who has been convinced from day one that if I just wore a hijaab, I'd fit in. Clearly not.

Insensitively Yours,


Happy Birfday!

Jessica and I had the pleasure of helping my host brother Waseem celebrate his 24th birthday (in style, of course.) It also happened to be, like, 5 other people's birthdays too. We prepared some traditional chocolate chip cookies, among many other sweets and sugary surprises.
The night mostly consisted of us dancing in the middle of about 30 of my family members, who were too shy to dance. Or maybe it was that they just enjoyed our "American" moves...
The festivities:

mummy and daddy all dressed up.


my loves- gena, lisa, and jess.

all the haloweats you could dream of.

the birthday boy!