The Adventures of Lulu

My host family recently bestowed the nickname "Lulu" on me. It came about as we were hanging up lights for Ramadan. I'm not really sure how "Liz" became "Lulu," but nonetheless, I think that was my initiation into the great Zebalawi family! The following are pictures after we found out that Ramadan was starting the next day.

From L to R: Me, Fayez (my dad), Mieghan (Ameican exchange sister with me), Muna (my mom)

Me and Aunt Suha (or Lulu and Susu)

Waseem (host brother) and Ahmad (not sure...)

Sibling fashion shoot

Sunset from my roof


backseatcapitalist said...

Lulu, we'll at least it's not Danni.

RAHB said...

liz has a family!

backseatcapitalist said...

Lulu, we need more adventures!

zenjabil said...

6 days without an update from the girls??? come on guys some of us are stuck in Eugene waiting for reports from the outside world.... besides you don't have to give up internet for Ramadan!! :) -love & miss you both!!

Christopher (little brother) said...

Your host brother's shirt says '69' on it.